Rescue Them

It's Our Bed No Butts About It

I'm sure every one who has animals can relate to this painting every night. I have three dogs, two cats and 4 boys. Sometimes I think we should go buy a 10 bedroom house so each of our kids and animals can have their own room. The animals make as much mess with their toys as the boys do!
And it's so unreal how much our animals have us trained. They always look so cute sleeping that we do everything we can not disturb them looking so precious. Then when our alarm goes off, we must start our day but they continue to sleep! One things for sure, we love those fur babies!

A life of creation!

Jamie Prell Morath

Drawing has been my passion since I was a little girl but I did not do my first in color until I was 17.  I actually did not start selling my work until July 2009 and from there it has become great success.  I am now an Award Winning Artist winning 7 awards my first two years.

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My Life My Inspiration

"Life is the perfect canvas, an endless inspiration." ~ Jamie Morath