Jamie Morath's Bio

Being an Artist is something I always wanted to do but believing in myself was something I had to teach myself before I could open up and show what I was feeling and thinking through my art. I always thought if I didn't have an art background and I couldn't paint a beautiful oil landscape that I wasn't good enough. Once I opened up my heart to my world of art I realized different was a good thing. There is no wrong or right way to art. It's what you feel that goes into your work that matters. I am now a successful Award Winning Artist who has sold 396 originals in the 6 years of beginning my art career all on my own.

I paint what I love and the little things in life we forget about that truly makes us smile. Our everyday life like waking up to our fresh cup of morning coffee with the smell of fresh flowers on our kitchen table where our fur babies sit to watch for that piece of food to miss our mouths. Or even trying to go to the bathroom with one dog trying to climb in your lap, another sniffing under the door to see if your in there and one rolling around in dirty clothes. Then finishing your day getting that little spot your fur babies left for you to sleep in. But we are okay with leaving them there and getting very little sleep because they just look so cute laying there. It's everything in everyday life that inspires me for my work.

Experimenting and challenging myself to be different which is what I once was afraid of has made me develop my unique way. My love for puzzles was one thing that led me to my style as well as my love for patterns and colors. I leave my imagination open to adding any type of materials I find to incorporate in my painting such as fabric, tissue, magazines, scrapbook paper, string and much much more. Wherever my imagination takes me is where I go; exploring the endless possibilities.